A 6000 meter, long-range ocean glider.

Capable to 6000m operating depth, Deepglider™ is the latest in AUV glider technology. This vehicle can profile all the way to the bottom in 98.8% of the world's ocean basins, and cross strong currents like the Gulf Stream directly without losing distance along track. It carries a Seabird Electronics (SBE) conductivity and temperature sensor pair, as well as pressure sensor and altimeter transducer, forming the basic package for measuring seawater properties and stratification. It also can be outfitted with an Aanderaa Optode dissolved oxygen sensor, and a WET Labs fluorometer and backscatter sensor (Chl-a, 700nm, 435nm) as desired by the customer.

Here is a great video produced by UW Creative Media on the Deepglider.

Here is a quick link to data from Deepgliders working in the western North Atlantic in 2015.

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